Hey! The Nation is Bleeding! Anyone Got a Band Aid?

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Thankyou Nurse Interupted!
First- The patients,
Now- the healthcare workers!
We must rid of the criminals out of healthcare!
Patients should not have to search for treatment and be told their illnesss does not exist
Nurses and other healthcare people should NOT be put on suicide missions to see just what type of isolation protocol is needed!

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Thank you to Dr. Besser of Good Morning America for taking the time to fly himself out to the hot zone, ask the hard questions, investigate, and find out the real story instead of blaming nurses, I hope physicians follow your lead in the future….its the only way we will ever get to the root cause of medical errors and cut back on the 1,000 deaths a week….

There Is something that everyone needs to understand about private healthcare systems, ie: “Corporate.” If you didn’t already know, each healthcare system has developed a mission for its organization and a set of strategic goals to help them achieve that mission. Strategic goals change depending on the healthcare system’s climate, the ratings they receive from patients, the reimbursement rates they are getting from health insurance companies, and the need for more capital to remain competitive within the market, (seriously, how many of you…

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Ebola turns Dallas hospital into a ‘Ghost Town’ – virus could destroy U.S. healthcare system

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“Ebola turns Dallas hospital into a ‘Ghost Town’ – virus could destroy U.S. healthcare system

Texas Presbyterians average ER wait time is usually 52 minutes,
now no wait time!

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

October 2014DALLAS – The Dallas nurses who contracted Ebola while treating a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital have been moved from the building, but patients are still steering clear of the once-bustling hospital. People have called to cancel outpatient procedures, and some have even opted not to go to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in emergency situations, ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA reports. “It feels like a ghost town,” Rachelle Cohorn, a local health care vendor who has been to the hospital recently, told WFAA. “No one is even walking around the hospital.” Texas Health Presbyterian’s average emergency room wait time had been 52 minutes, according to federal hospital data. But when ABC News called the hospital and asked the emergency department for the ER wait time today, the response was that there was no wait time. The hospital has also taken public relations hits on a number of…

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War on Ebola or Oil – Ebola patient Apartment left contaminated over permit issues- originally sent home with useless antibiotics

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CDC’s Wrong Recommendations!

I feel like im watching a repeat of what happened in the 80’s during AIDS crisis in NYC when I was active RN

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:

-Obama’s “War on Ebola” or War for Oil? Sending 3000 Troops to African “Ebola” Areas that Happen to Export Oil to China
-Dallas Ebola patient was originally sent home from hospital with useless antibiotics, feeding superbug epidemic
-CDC Continues Policy Of Incompetence
-Ebola Rolls Out Exactly As Predicted
October 04, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) With an Ebola pandemic only steps away from unleashing hell in America, its government red tape that’s keeping a hazardous waste cleanup crew from disinfecting Thomas Eric Duncan’s Dallas apartment. Forced to abide by permit rules, the hazardous waste cleanup crew is waiting to remove sheets, clothes and towels from the apartment where Duncan stayed because they haven’t obtained the correct permits to transport the hazardous material. Duncan is now quarantined at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, but his family members, including his girlfriend Louise Troh, are now locked up in their apartment…

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Heads in the Sand: Obama, the CDC and Claims of Ebola Preparedness

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I knew there were still some honest doctors out there!

Dr Campbell- Thankyou for alerting the public properly!

Originally posted on Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD:

Thousands of people have travelled from West Africa to the US in the last 6 months.  While the CDC and others throughout the Obama administration continue to reassure everyone that the US is 100 percent prepared for an outbreak,  potential cases and exposures continue to surface all across the country.  In Dallas, the first confirmed case of Ebola remains in critical condition.  Even more concerning is the fact that the patient initially presented to the Emergency Room with a fever at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (and even though he provided a high risk travel and exposure history) we was sent HOME.  Initially, the hospital blamed the fact that he was sent home with high risk features (his records documented the fact that he had just travelled from Liberia) was that there was a “technical glitch” in the electronic medical record and that physicians were unable to access the data obtained…

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Shame Shame on Dr George Merck!

Another one of our Medical

Cover-Up Artists!




What is it with these people?

They all take the Hippocratic Oath.

Then they see the $$$$ Signs….

Then as far as they are concerned,

Screw The Patients!

What happened to the doctors of yesteryear?

Are there any of them left out there?

If so,  please do respond and identify yourself!

Originally posted on homelessholocaust:

In 1998 in Rochester, New York, I met a former
military man, PFC Donald Bentley, who gave me a
document and told me: “I was in the US Army, and I was
trained in bacteriological warfare. We were handling a
bomb filled with brucellosis, only it wasn’t
brucellosis; it was a Brucella toxin in crystalline
form. We were spraying it on the Chinese and North

He showed me his certificate listing his training in
chemical, biological and radiological warfare. Then he
showed me 16 pages of documents given to him by the US
military when he was discharged from the service. They
linked brucellosis with multiple sclerosis, and stated
in one section: “Veterans with multiple sclerosis, a
kind of creeping paralysis developing to a degree of
10% or more disability within two years after
separation from active service, may be presumed to be
service-connected for disability compensation.
Compensation is…

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P2P: Don’t Buy the Hype! Protest!

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Dont Buy The Hype! Protest!

NIH has done this before!

They did the same to AIDS Patients!

Originally posted on Thoughts About M.E.:

The reason why I will not cooperate with, or participate or engage in, the P2P process is very simple. HHS and NIH have shown time and time again that they do not have ME patients’ interest at heart. This disturbing and indisputable fact has been confirmed again very recently in my FOIA lawsuit regarding documents relating to the IOM contract (the diagnostic equivalent of P2P), in which I won my motion for summary judgment against HHS and NIH in early September with a ruling by the court that the government violated federal law. The government, in turn, lost their motion for a summary judgment against me. HHS’s and NIH’s conduct in this matter has been dilatory, obstructionist and unlawful.

I initially filed my lawsuit pro se (meaning without engaging lawyers) because I was hoping that, when faced with a lawsuit, the government would finally comply with the law. I wanted…

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US District Court: HHS/NIH Violated Federal Law in Response to FOIA Request for IOM Documents

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This is a Major Win For the M.E. Patient Community!
A Big Thanks From All of Us In The M.E. Patient Community To
Patient Advocate Attorney Extraordinare
Jeanette Burmeister For A Job Well Done!!!!

Originally posted on Thoughts About M.E.:

I am pleased to give an update on my FOIA lawsuit:

Yesterday, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that HHSandNIH(government)violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) when they improperly withheld documents from me in response to my FOIA request regarding HHS’s contract with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) for the study of diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS.

Accordingly, the Court granted my motion for summary judgment and ordered the government “to produce, within 60 days, all documents responsive to [my] request that are not covered by any exemption to FOIA’s disclosure requirements.” [emphasis added] The Court also denied the government’s motion for summary judgment asking for a dismissal of my lawsuit.

I believe that holding HHS and NIH legally responsible for their violation of federal law is a tremendous victory for our patient population. However, since this litigation is ongoing…

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