December 2014 CFSAC Comments: HHS’s Complete Disregard for Law and Health of Patients

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Jeannette Burmeister December 2014 CFSAC comments pointing out the disgregard for the law and health of patients aka no regard for authority like defiant children or for human life period!!!!

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In January, I sued HHS and NIH for violation of the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, in connection with my FOIA request for documents relating to the IOM study. I won the lawsuit by prevailing on my summary-judgment motion for a proper document production.

The Federal Court held that “the government’s conduct throughout its dispute with Ms. Burmeister was unreasonable” and awarded me my entire attorneys’ fees of over $139,000.

True to form, HHS and NIH have not paid or even committed to paying in spite of my numerous requests.

I did everything in my power to avoid legal fees, for example, I sued without attorneys at first. Yet, the government fought me tooth and nail trying to avoid compliance with federal law and to delay production of responsive documents as long as possible, necessitating my engaging attorneys at the government’s, hence taxpayer’s, expense. The defendants have consistently acted…

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Dr. Lo – No stranger to controversy

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Dr. Lo – No stranger to controversy

Who is Dr. Lo?

The patent holder of “Pathogenic Mycoplasma”

Interesting character, we must find out more about him and his work!

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never mind, rich. i see it all here

The Project Day Lily story chronicles the events surrounding what the public knows as “The Gulf War Syndrome” or “Gulf War Illnesses.” To this day, the public perception of that tragedy is very limited, and no one seems to remember or knows what really happened. Many veterans went to the Gulf War as healthy individuals and returned with chronic ailments and an unusual infection that they inadvertently transmitted to their spouses and children. Now there are over 150,000 veterans of that conflict that suffer from chronic illnesses and tens of thousands have died without acknowledgment or proper assistance to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.

The “exposures” in Kuwait and Iraq and the chronic infections picked up by our troops just didn’t “happen” like a flu infection. These men and women were actually “bombed” and “sprayed” with a chemical and…

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P2P FOIA Documents, Part 7—Collins, Murray and Maier: Trouble in NIH Paradise

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More DISGRACEFUL behavior from the same agency of FRAUDS and CROOKS that were involved in the AIDS epidemic!

Originally posted on Thoughts About M.E.:

David Murray’s (Director of NIH’s Office of Disease Prevention) noticing of a ProHealth blog entry started an avalanche of bizarre email exchanges within NIH that included, among others, Francis Collins, James Anderson and Larry Tabak. I received these emails after winning my IOM lawsuit.

Murray was worried about the ProHealth piece calling NIH out for the ridiculously small amount of NIH funding our disease receives. He rings the alarm bells over the bad PR (page 1):

… reporting that chronic fatigue syndrome funding has declined while “NIH funding levels explode.” Right now the organization is spending approximately as much on CFS as it was in 1992. Is asserts for this reason that “The NIH’s ‘commitment’ to ‘enhancing the health” of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has declined over time,” devoting under .02% of its budget to the disease, or $6.00 per patient.

It made me wonder if we should put something on…

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P2P FOIA Documents, Part 6—”File all these responses. No need to answer them directly.”

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P2P FOIA Documents, Part 6—”File all these responses. No need to answer them directly.”
Another thanks to Jeannette Burmeister for obtaining these documents through her lawsuit that shows proof on paper the disgrace of the medical system in regards to patients with these illnesses that are considered as “controversial” and “non mainstream”.

Originally posted on Thoughts About M.E.:

Here are more P2P emails that were produced to me after I won my IOM FOIA lawsuit. Today’s documents are NIH and AHRQ emails relating to inquiries from the public regarding the ME/CFS P2P program and the “TPs,” the talking points NIH developed as a canned response to any—and I mean any—inquiry regarding the program, regardless of whether the talking points were actually responsive.  Please keep in mind that NIH’s P2P document production in response to my FOIA request is in violation of FOIA in numerous respects (e.g., regarding exemptions claimed) and that, based on the agency’s past behavior, there are likely documents regarding the talking points and public inquiries that have not been produced or that have been “misplaced.”

This batch of emails starts with somebody within the agency—clearly entirely unfamiliar with the agency’s P2P (then EbMW) program—consulting the patient forum, “ME/CFS Forums,” to educate him or herself (page 2):

This inquiry came in about an…

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Kaci Hickox: ‘Stop Calling me the ‘Ebola Nurse’ — Now!’

Originally posted on TIME:

Kaci Hickox, the health worker who objected to the conditions of her quarantine upon returning from west Africa, is now objecting to being called “the Ebola Nurse” in a new op-ed that accuses state politicians of cynically manipulating public fears for political gain.

“I never had Ebola,” Hickox wrote (original emphasis hers) in a Monday op-ed in the Guardian, “so please stop calling me “the Ebola Nurse” – now!”

Hickox accused Governors Chris Christie and Paul LePage, of New Jersey and Maine respectively, of imposing “overzealous” quarantines and exaggerating the risks posed by asymptomatic health workers.

Read more at the Guardian.

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Federal Court awards $139,147 in Attorneys’ Fees Against HHS and NIH in IOM FOIA Case

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A BIG BIG Contratulations To Jeannette Burmeister Who Showed Everyone It is Not Impossible To Be The Govt With An FOIA Lawsuit!!!
And Attorney’s Fees Too!!!! :)

Originally posted on Thoughts About M.E.:

The U.S. District for the Northern District of California awarded me today–having won my FOIA lawsuit–my entire attorneys’ fees in the amount of $139,147. Judge Vince Chhabria ordered the defendants, HHS and NIH, to pay me these fees. Please see below for a copy of the order.

In the Court’s order, the Judge noted:

Ms. Burmeister is clearly the prevailing party in the litigation. Moreover, as outlined in the order granting Ms. Burmeister’s motion for summary judgment, the government’s conduct throughout its dispute with Ms. Burmeister was unreasonable.  [emphasis added]

The defendants’ conduct in this matter has been absolutely deplorable. They have fought tooth and nail trying to avoid compliance with federal law and to delay production of relevant documents relating to the IOM project as long as possible. Throughout the entire proceedings, the defendants have acted unreasonably and shamefully, really, in their relentless attempts to circumvent their obligations under FOIA. Their inexcusable conduct…

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Karina Hansen: prisoner of Denmark

This very sad case is none other than state sponsored bullying and persecution of a patient with physical illness tossed into the psychological rabbit hole hell of psychiatry.

Psychiatry is the biggest fraud in the history of medicine!

Karina Hansen is still not home :(

Karina Hansen: prisoner of Denmark.


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