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Do No Harm!


I am a nurse turned patient. It’s been 19 years since I jumped on the other side of the stretcher and became a patient, and let me tell you, this has been a long ride.

Not only did I jump onto the other side of the stretcher, but I jumped on the other side of the stretcher with one of the “misunderstood” illnesses.

I will talk about me in a later post.

But first, I have to talk about what is on my mind today.

Lately, I have been observing some of the most unethical things going on in the medical community. The psychiatric field or lobby has not only been trying to turn illnesses into a “psychiatric phenomena,” but have been quite intrusive about it.

At one time, psychiatrists were on the low end of the pay scale. Psychiatry was not a very “prestigious” field in medicine as well.
Not anymore, the “psychs” have outsmart the system and they are making a lot of money from the pharmaceutical companies doing so.

Who are the victims of this?

Patients with misunderstood illnesses, both adults and pediatric.

There are patients who can not go to an emergency room without suffering some type of abuse by the staff, or they leave in worse shape than when they went in there.

Why is that?

Because there are practitioners in those emergency rooms who will actually tell the patients, “Your illness does not exist” with no regards or respect of the practitioner who gave the patient the original diagnosis.

When I worked in the field, I never saw such disrespect and unprofessionalism. Its an absolute disgrace.

The parents of children! This is the worse! This stuns me, I cant believe what I am seeing.

There have been cases in the media these days of where children, suffering from a misunderstood illness, treated for years by a physician who specializes in the condition, with medical records to verify this, all of a sudden have to go to the emergency room.
Then, what happens when they go to the emergency room is, the parents will not only be told there is “no such thing as that illness,” that the child actually has a “psychological” problem. If the parents don’t agree, the hospital will accuse the parents of medical child abuse, call DCF, and take the child away if the parents do not agree to the “new” plan of care.

I never saw anything like this when I worked in the profession.

This is an absolute, unethical, disgrace!

Parent’s who have chronically ill children are very emotional, and rightfully so. These parents are desperate to get the child the help the child needs to get them well and if something goes wrong. This is not abuse, it would be neglect if they didn’t do this.

This has become beyond an over-kill.

True “Munchausens” and “Munchausens by proxy” are very pathological and calculating, and they don’t typically argue with the staff. They will agree with whatever medical intervention the doctors plan to do, just to get that intervention. Munchausen’s and By Proxy takes much observation to actually prove, it is not an over night diagnosis. It is actually on the rare side, not the over-kill its being portrayed as today.

A person who suffers from “Munchausen’s” are so calculating, they can actually pull off having a cancer diagnosis and get the chemotherapy. That situation actually almost happened where a friend of mine worked. Before treatment was started on that person, the hospitals in the area received an alert via fax, the doctors received the alert, approached the person, and asked the person to leave, which the person did and very quick I might add. You maybe saw one of those people in a career.

When I worked in the field, you never heard of the words “somatoform disorder,” somatic symptom disorder,” etc…

I personally, have never saw anyone ever diagnosed with somatoform disorder, the term wasn’t even used, or even hypochondriasis. Patients do not have symptoms for no reason. Doctors did their jobs and found out what was wrong with the patients!

There was none of this “medically unknown symptoms’ nonsense. If you think about it, that could be applied to anyone with any disease because the causes of most diseases are unknown.

Somatoform disorder is the biggest deceptive farce out there today!
It amazes me, that people with medical school level IQ’s, who actually complete medical school, are blinded by that. There are medical schools teaching these students not only to be lazy, incompetent practitioners, they are actually teaching them how to get sued.

The use of the term “Somatoform disorder” is a very dangerous practice.

I read about one article a week of someone dying of an undiagnosed cancer because the patient was told “it was all in their head” or that they were depressed. Someone told me not to long ago that it took her 10 years to get an M.S. diagnosis, that for 10 years, she was told it “was all in her head.”

I also take a look at the nursing forums once in a while and this is a big topic of conversation. I have seen nurses say that a patient of theirs was diagnosed with “Somatoform disorder”, then die 4 days later of a perforated bowel.

These things are an absolute outrage!

What has happened to the medical profession!

Patients should not be going through this!

Psychiatrists need to stick with psychiatric patients that need their care, there are plenty of those patients out there.

Psychiatric MD’s or other MD’s who are guilty of this intrusive and unethical practice of telling a patient with a “misunderstood” chronic illness, because they never heard of the illness or have no idea what it is, need to learn to say, “I don’t know what is wrong,” refer the patient to a doctor who does know, or to another doctor period, and not tell those patients that they are “depressed”, “crazy,” its all in your head,” or “you have a somatoform disorder.” It is abuse to do that and it harms patients!

I tell fellow patients who go through that, take advantage of those online reviews and put feedback, because by doing that, they could be saving another patient life!

I believe if practitioners were reminded to “Do No Harm,” they would start thinking twice about what they are diagnosing and how they are treating these patients!

“The Other Side Of The Stretcher” (C) 2014