One More Update



One More Update from Brooke.

Her doctor was able to get hospice care reinstated for her for 60 days.

Today, we live in a time where, being sick is not acceptable, and people who have misunderstood chronic illnesses, there aren’t many medical practitioners who are cut out to care for them.  Not only not cut out to care for them, they have no compassion and pass the patients off as depressed.

Today, it seems as if you don’t have something like cancer or AIDS, your illness doesn’t qualify, as in Brooke’s case, her hospice care was discontinued because she wasn’t “considered to be dying.”  That’s just so awful.

People with chronic illness who are basically living a “living death”, there are no words because I can’t even think of the words because I’m one of those people.  I know I myself will probably die alone, no hospice, no support, nothing.  And I know there is nothing I can do about it. I have come to accept it because unfortunately that’s the way it is.

I ask everyone to pray for peace and comfort for Brooke during this time.


Documenting M.E.

Dear Friends,

Recently there have been a lot of questions in the community about what has happened to me and where I am with things. I am now very near the end of life, and writing posts has become next to impossible, but I wanted to try to get one more out. This post will be written in many parts, and may seem rough around the edges, but it is the best that I can do at this point. I know you will understand.

First, regarding care. My initial reevaluation for hospice care was denied – in part due to misinformation coming from the whole CFS mixup. After this, my doctor agreed to treat me himself, without the aid of nurses since he couldn’t find a way to get any into the home. Things began going downhill so fast, however, that he recently talked the hospice team into readmitting me…

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One response to “One More Update

  • Sean

    Re: One More Update.

    Well this is tragic and wrong and unjust and terribly awfully and
    typical – of the way folks with M.E. are treated. Or should I say,
    untreated. Mistreated. Ignored. Not taken seriously. Abused.

    Have been finding at least a little bit of comfort in thinking you
    were finally getting your Hospice Care. Man this stinks.

    But Brooke, Brooke! Your courageous sharing of the struggles
    with this terrible illness made a great difference for people –
    including me. You put dignity back in the mix. Thank you.

    Right up to your last entry – you kept it real. The ups and downs
    of life with Severe M.E. – is no joke. Grace under fire indeed.

    No greater Love than this Brooke….no greater love than this.

    You are a hero. Good job Brooke. Good job.

    Prayers for you and yours,
    Thank you for everything,

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