Hey! The Nation is Bleeding! Anyone Got a Band Aid?

Thankyou Nurse Interupted!
First- The patients,
Now- the healthcare workers!
We must rid of the criminals out of healthcare!
Patients should not have to search for treatment and be told their illnesss does not exist
Nurses and other healthcare people should NOT be put on suicide missions to see just what type of isolation protocol is needed!


Thank you to Dr. Besser of Good Morning America for taking the time to fly himself out to the hot zone, ask the hard questions, investigate, and find out the real story instead of blaming nurses, I hope physicians follow your lead in the future….its the only way we will ever get to the root cause of medical errors and cut back on the 1,000 deaths a week….

There Is something that everyone needs to understand about private healthcare systems, ie: “Corporate.” If you didn’t already know, each healthcare system has developed a mission for its organization and a set of strategic goals to help them achieve that mission. Strategic goals change depending on the healthcare system’s climate, the ratings they receive from patients, the reimbursement rates they are getting from health insurance companies, and the need for more capital to remain competitive within the market, (seriously, how many of you…

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