She got sick with the flu on her 37th birthday, and after Christmas, she was dead

This 37 year old got the flu vaccine and not only got the flu, but died of the flu!
Flu Vaccines do not work!
Get educated and make an informed choice!

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MISSOURI (WITI) — She got her flu shot — and that’s part of the reason a Missouri woman’s family is in disbelief that just days after she turned 37, they’re faced with saying goodbye. The family says Kristie Green died as a result of complications from the flu.

FOX6’s sister station FOX4KC in Kansas City reports Green is the second person to die as a result of the flu at the University of Kansas Hospital this flu season.

Kristie Green was a mother of three and a grandmother of one.

FOX4 reports Green got sick on December 19th — her 37th birthday. Within two days, Green had visited two hospitals. She was told she had Type A flu, and was sent home. Green’s daughter tells FOX4 Green went to the hospital a third time as she fought to breathe, and was transferred to the University of Kansas…

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