The Media’s Inaccurate and Biased Reporting of ME

M.E. Disinformation Campaign by UK Psychiatrists!

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Another example of all that’s wrong with the media’s reporting of ME appeared in the press this morning (14/01/2015), no doubt disseminated by our ‘friends’ at the Science Media Centre. Apparently exercise helps improve people with ME, no surprise that this ‘evidence’ is provided by the usual suspects at King’s College, led by Trudie Chandler on this occasion1. You’d think the media might have made the connection that 90% of the ‘research’ claiming the likes of CBT and GET can improve/cure sufferers comes from the same source, using the same flawed methodology but that’s beyond the wit of your standard compliant and lazy British journalist. The original article appears in The Lancet Psychiatry, so no possible bias towards there being a psychogenic explanation for ME, and follows on from the notoriously flawed PACE trial(2,3).

Media people, self-reported ‘improvement’ is not an objective measure of actual improvement…

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