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A thank you to a doctor I will never meet…

God Bless Dr Kaufman!

IOM’s Redefinition of ME: Farewell LTD Benefits, Hello Diluted Research Cohorts

Medical Mafia in Progress!

The New York Times Assaults Disabled Crime Victims

It looks like the Lyme-Racketeers “Could” Have the NY Times on the payroll!
These are supposed to be doctors????
They know they are exposed and are on the defense!
How ridiculous are those articles they are having published!

Our doubts about the New York Times still having a shred of credibility have been confirmed.

They have sunken to a new low with their “lifestyle” piece, “How Hypochondriacs Say ‘I Love You,'” which hit the internets on Saturday, February 20, 2015 (and will appear in print on February 22, 2015, on page ST6 of the New York edition with the headline: In Sickness and in Health. 

Apparently they think this is funny–the millions of victims whose victim-blaming they wholeheartedly support in their “I’m The King of the World” editorial superiority complex. Nobody questions the New York Times, right? They are the picture of editorial integrity, the Owner of All that is Good and True. Well, we can play that game.

Call me a narcissist (because for one thing, that’s psychiatrix-speak, and it’s been debunked by Thomas Insel of the NIMH, so you know where I’m gonna stick that label), but…

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The IOM: Death by Acronym and Epic Media Fail

I have always said “symptoms are not acronyms!”
People NEED to wake up!



The illness Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) has been documented since an occurrence in Los Angeles, California in 1934, followed by countless other similar events. A major outbreak at the Royal Free Hospital in London, UK in 1955 led to the coining of the term “myalgic encephalomyelitis” (ME).

In 1988 the term “chronic fatigue syndrome” (CFS) was created in the US; this generally replaced ME in many countries, including the UK. However, the trivialising nature of the name CFS was deeply unpopular with most patients so the terms have frequently – but misleadingly – become conflated, either to ME/CFS or CFS/ME. I have lived with ME since 1981. There is still no cure nor any approved treatment. It is a global illness with a long and troubled history everywhere.


The latest chapter

In 2013 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) was tasked by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with researching and…

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IOM’s Redefinition of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Invites Over-Diagnosis and Risks Inclusion of Primary Psychiatric Disorders

Problems with the IOM redefinition of Myalgic Encephalomyelitic and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

Connect the Dots, Vaccine Edition

You Must Connect The Dots Like
You Would Follow The Money!

I’m going to start by giving you the big picture:

It’s about fungal-viral synergy and injecting live vaccines into immunocompromised hosts. Somebody stop the presses, because we are in trouble.

Our “free” press has bellyflopped into the vaccine debate by wholeheartedly supporting, no questions asked. They freely bash anyone who merely implies that, um, maybe we should take a closer look here–without realizing that they have become pimps to an industry that wants nothing more than a world of drug whore slaves. News reporters have become talking heads for their media conglomerate bosses, blindly spewing their spoon-fed opinions while totally rejecting curiosity–curiosity that might lead them to the truth if only they could employ two brain cells to connect the dots.

I am going to provide some dots.

Fungi are so well known to suppress the immune system and reactivate viruses that I should be able to letCariDee

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Vanessa Deserved Better

M.E Community Mourning Vanessa Li, 34

M.E. - Lulu's Legacy

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 will be a day the close-knit Myalgic Encephalomyelitis community will long remember as being extraordinarily painful. Activist Vanessa Li succumbed to heart failure during the night.She was 34 and had fought M.E. for 15 years. A shockwave could be felt running through social media and M.E. forums as news of her death spread. In the M.E. patient’s’ world, where emotional stressors are paid for in physical pain, Vanessa’s death felt like a literal gut punch.

Vanessa was a superb activist and, although frequently bedbound, she worked tirelessly to advance the M.E. cause. She instigated the Microbe Discovery Project and raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for Dr. Ian Lipkin’s research. She knew the science behind this disease and shared that knowledge freely. Her opinion was valued and many considered her a treasured friend. Vanessa touched many and she is sorely missed.

A day after Vanessa death, grief is turning to a slow burn of anger. M.E. claimed Vanessa before she could see the results…

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More US CDC Research Fraud – Publishing False Figures to Promote A Pointless Vaccine to The US and Third World

More CDC Research Fraud!

____________________Child Health Safety_________________

The video below shows with references to peer reviewed citations in journal papers that the US Centers for Disease Control medical scientists engage in using peer reviewed journal publications, in this case Health Economics, to promote Hep B vaccine on false and made up figures.  Hepatitis B vaccine is given to every US baby immediately following birth when the disease risk is predominantly to intravenous drug abusers and practitioners of unsafe sex and not babies.  Hepatitis B vaccine has a reputation as a particularly toxic vaccine: UK Government Caught Lying On Baby Hep B Vax Safety.

This 7 minute video contains citations to peer reviewed journal publications showing the CDC falsifying disease data to promote the Hep B vaccine by claiming 250,000 hepatitis cancer deaths in India and published this in a journal paper. The paper claims a death rate at 5000% of the true figure such that the vaccine…

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Fluoroquinolones Damage Mitochondrial Lipids

The Foxie Hope Blog has a very good post about MITO Toxicity Caused by Flouroquinolones Antibiotics!

Dr Andrew Wakefield Not Guilty Says BBC – General Medical Council Wrong

From 2013: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Not Guilty Says BBC- General Medical Council Wrong!

____________________Child Health Safety_________________

With the UK’s national media in a feeding frenzy whipped up by the UK’s Department of Health claiming the current outbreaks of relatively few measles cases are all the fault of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the BBC appears to have slipped up and confirmed that the main plank of the General Medical Council’s case against Dr Wakefield and his two colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital, London, England in 1998 has bitten the dust. 

The main plank of the GMC’s case was that there was only one study carried out by Dr Wakefield and his colleagues on the “Lancet 12” children, that it did not have ethics approval and that it was the study reported in February 1998 in the UK’s medical journal “The Lancet”.

Whilst the BBC is meant to be independent and unbiased as a news source, it has been propping up the UK Government and Health Department’s official…

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