The New York Times Assaults Disabled Crime Victims

It looks like the Lyme-Racketeers “Could” Have the NY Times on the payroll!
These are supposed to be doctors????
They know they are exposed and are on the defense!
How ridiculous are those articles they are having published!

Our doubts about the New York Times still having a shred of credibility have been confirmed.

They have sunken to a new low with their “lifestyle” piece, “How Hypochondriacs Say ‘I Love You,'” which hit the internets on Saturday, February 20, 2015 (and will appear in print on February 22, 2015, on page ST6 of the New York edition with the headline: In Sickness and in Health. 

Apparently they think this is funny–the millions of victims whose victim-blaming they wholeheartedly support in their “I’m The King of the World” editorial superiority complex. Nobody questions the New York Times, right? They are the picture of editorial integrity, the Owner of All that is Good and True. Well, we can play that game.

Call me a narcissist (because for one thing, that’s psychiatrix-speak, and it’s been debunked by Thomas Insel of the NIMH, so you know where I’m gonna stick that label), but…

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