Why Partnering with Fibromyalgia Exclusively in NIH Funding is a Problem




Warning: Cognitive Impairment Mistakes- If that bothers you, do not read!  


1. Many patients diagnosed “Fibromyalgia” really have M.E.and or M.E/CFS. Many doctors who do not know these illnesses will not give a “ME/CFS” diagnosis, but will give a Fibromyalgia diagnosis as stated by an anonymous G.P. in Florida because “they are afraid they will be criticized because drugs are approved for Fibromyalgia and not CFS.”


2. Many patients diagnosed Fibromyalgia or ME/CFS here  in the US have undiagnosed Lyme disease, thus are treated incorrectly with antidressants, Lyrica, etc., and the infectious disease aspect, Lyme disease, chronic activated viruses, immune deficiencies are overlooked, and not addressed, patient becomes more debilitated such as Severe ME patients who are diagnosed incorrectly with Fibromyalgia which is considered a “Functional Somatic Syndrome.”


3.  An IOM panel member says that there is no evidence of the “M” in M.E.which is incorrect.  Dr Ramsay said the “muscle phenomena” is fatigueability, which is the delay in recovery time, which is different from fatigue.


4. The head of the IOM panel stated they did not see evidence of Brain inflammation in the literature, thus then they are saying there is no neurological evidence for Cognitive impairment and other neurological related symptoms including seizures, paralysis, and all symptoms ME patients suffer.


5. If “Fibromyalgia” gets funding and not “ME/CFS,” grant applications for ME and CFS related studies will not be approved, thus, infectious disease, immune deficiency, and neurological components of the disease will be overlooked, disregarded, doctors misinformed, patients continue to be denied treatment unless they pay out of pocket. Medications such as immune modulators- Ampligen, Kutapressin/Nexavir, Immune globulin, Antivirals will not get approved with a “ME’ or “CFS” diagnosis which will be a problem for patients who have an M.E, ME/CFS, CFS diagnosis.


6. If the infectious disease component is not addressed, the Blood Bank issue will still be a huge problem as Blood banks do not test for Lyme spirochetes, Active EBV (Not cost efficient as per Red Cross),HHV6, CMV only on request for neonate and pediatric patients,  SIV, HERV, MLV, etc.        




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It looks like we have another “Wastebasket” diagnosis in town and its becoming quite the “epidemic”!

“SEID” or “Fibromyalgia,” will be HUGE with those “Hearsay Medicine” practitioners depending on which their colleagues are diagnosing their patients with!  

I suspect,  whichever diagnosis is chosen,  will depend on which one will bring in more money!  

Remember, its all about “Following The Money!“!!!

Whatever happened to what is best for the patient?






So what should it really be?

Next blog post will talk about that!



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2 responses to “Why Partnering with Fibromyalgia Exclusively in NIH Funding is a Problem

  • Sunshinebright

    Anne, the more I read about the dismissal of very real symptoms, the more I get crazy. It’s so confusing and disheartening. Everything is always about the $$$. Great post. You sure covered so many bases.

  • The Other Side Of The Stretcher

    Thankyou 🙂

    I also forgot to mention, which is really an important point, I worked as an RN in NY at the height of the AIDS epidemic and saw the patients who got AIDS from blood transfusions and the first patients I saw were teenagers who had to get transfused every 2 weeks to stay alive.

    So- the Blood Bank issue is still a huge problem, AIDS activists who are still alive have talked about this and the articles are online.

    “Following The Money” was an issue during AIDS too, Millions of dollars were spent and only 1 drug became available after a decade. Here we are 30 years and not 1 drug has been approved under this diagnosis.

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