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Big Pharma: Enemies Of Humanity?


Everyone knows about the sick, depraved monsters of the Third Reich – Hitler, Himmler, Mengele and the rest. Well, there is an evil just as insidious on the planet today. It isn’t as widely known as it should be – that’s one of the reasons why it is so insidious. They are predators that are so wealthy and so devious that they are able to hide behind a veil of legality and respectability. Actually, the most treacherous aspect of this story is the fact that they are a significant part of the health industry. Yes, the HEALTH industry.

While hard-working people struggle to make ends meet and take care of their children to the best of their abilities, these traitorous criminals are amassing enormous sums of money to provide “necessary” drugs to ensure a healthy population. Or so we thought.

Now, for the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical corporations to make obscene amounts of money while actually…

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Why We Hate OspA: Shortest Explainer Ever

OspA is one of the outer surface proteins of the Lyme spirochete. There are many of them, labeled A, B, C, etc. So A is pretty important, being the first one. The problem with OspA is that it is a TLR2 agonist. Most TLR2 agonists are fungal, so we refer to them as fungal antigens or fungal-like antigens. Scroll down to the list, here:

Fungal antigens ‘tolerize’ the immune cells, so they no longer fight off other fungal antigens. (1, 2) They can also cross-tolerize you to other types of infections. (3) The immune system becomes suppressed and multiple herpesviruses (EBV, CMV, HHV-6 to name a few) can be reactivated. (4) This is known as fungal-viral synergy. Due to the immunosuppression, you may not even produce antibodies to these herpesviruses. You also become susceptible to all kinds of opportunistic infections. The NIH refers to this model as Post…

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Hip Surgery and ME: Society Has It Wrong

Thoughts About M.E.

I am proud to share a note that my husband, Ed Burmeister, wrote last week. He initially posted it on Facebook only where it received a lot of attention and was shared more than 250 times. It really resonated with the community.

Therefore, I talked him into allowing me to post it here as well. I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving spouse.

Last Wednesday, I had a complete hip replacement.  It was a short procedure (1-1/2hours). No general anesthesia required.  I was out of bed the day of surgery and home after two days.  On Monday, I started driving again and really could have done so on Saturday already. Yesterday, I returned to work. I was comfortably working away, largely free of pain.  I walk without a limp and with no assistance and am pretty much unrestricted in my activities. I never needed narcotic painkillers after…

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Physician Suicide and Physician Health Programs: The Elephant in the Room

In Memory of a Doctor I knew

Disrupted Physician

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”

–Mark Twain

Patient-with-sign-1024x641-1 Physician Suicide–What to do When Your Doctor Dies Suddenly by Pamela Wible, M.D.

32-640x472 Physician Suicide 101: Secrets, Lies & Solutions by Dr. Pamela Wible, M.D

Physician Suicide 101:  Secrets, Lies & Solutions  By Dr. Pamela Wible, M.D. will hopefully serve as a stepping-stone to start discussing Physician Health Programs (PHPs) and their relationship to physician suicide.    (click on photo above to access article).

The current state-of-affairs is one of unrestrained  managerial authority and absolute power with no meaningful oversight, regulation or accountability.    Moreover, the authority bestowed on this group is both illegitimate and irrational.  The Federation of State Physician Health Programs is composed of American Society of Addiction Medicine “specialists” in “Addiction Medicine.”    The ASAM is not even recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as a bona fide…

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The Lancet’s representation on Social Media on 4th March 2015: Part 2.

The Lancet is a disappointment!

Utting-Wolff Spouts

As we promised in our post dated 05/03/2015, please find below the communication between Dr Gillberg (Claudia) and The Lancet regarding abuse towards certain members of the ME community by Pam Das, a Senior Editor on that journal. A copy of Claudia’s letter can be found in our previous post; 

Dr Horton’s reply,

Dear Dr Gillberg – Many thanks for your note. We will look into this incident. I appreciate you taking the trouble to write and please be assured that we will take your complaint seriously.

My best, Richard

To which Claudia responded:

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your prompt reply and offer to look into the incident, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes,


After a couple of weeks, having heard nothing further from Dr Horton, Claudia sent a reminder re his assurance about looking into the incident;

Dear Dr. Horton,

Dear Dr. James,

Further to our…

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Advice For Nurses Working With Severe ME Patients

Advice For Nurses Working with Severe ME Patients by Severe M.E. patient Brook of Documenting M.E!

Documenting M.E.

The experience of having regular visits from hospice nurses has been a wonderful one, for the most part. The nurses who visit me are skilled, compassionate, intelligent, kind, caring, and just plain good at what they do. Considering I am their first ME patient ever, things have gone extremely well. Several individuals at hospice have taken hours of their own personal time to educate themselves on true ME and how to meet my needs in the best possible manner. Still, it has been a learning process, for all of us. Even I wasn’t entirely sure what to tell them at the start – after all, I’d never had this level of care before. It would take us some time to figure out what works best for me. That said, we pretty much have it down now, so I thought I’d share some of what we’ve learned. Hopefully reading this will…

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