The “Polite Fiction” Of NIH Scientists and The Drug Companies….

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In order to advocate properly, one must study and show evidence of the history of the government institutions who are supposed to be protecting the public health so advocacy people know exactly what they are dealing with.  I’ve been doing that by getting books that were written during the height of the AIDS epidemic and showing them to fellow advocacy people as well as friends.

I was an active RN during the height of the AIDS epidemic. I saw just how much those gov’t institutions protected the public health-> NADA.  What I saw was an assembly line of death that came in through the hospital doors and left via the morgue.

I must also mention this as well, many hospital workers, doctors, nurses, etc… were becoming ill with co-morbid infections of AIDS patients such as Mycoplasma, never recovered, became disabled and unable to work.  Thus, the health care workers were…

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