Allen Steere, furious Dr. Michael Schwartz ruined his illegal non-treatment experiment

Cryme Disease - Unscrambling the CDC's DNA Patent Profiteering Bullshit

Is there more to this? Yes.  A totally unethical study on the non-treatment of Lyme to see how the serology worked out:
However, this serology was all already known by 1975, and it was all explained in a conference and conference summary publication (book) called The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes, edited by Russell C. Johnson.  Oh, and they all said no vaccine was possible due to antigenic variation.

This is a really strange society, founded by Michael A. Schwartz.  We will talk more about creating societies and associations and how that means nothing, just because your stupid group has a name.  A circle jerk is a circle jerk, even if the CDC profiteers appear to endorse their own stupid little ass-kicking claque, IDSA.

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