The Conspirators; they own the patents and changed the testing

Cryme Disease - Unscrambling the CDC's DNA Patent Profiteering Bullshit

This is Criminal Charge Sheet One and a Chronology.

You are going to have seen much of this evidence before in other webs and criminal charge sheets created for the USDOJ, broken down into the various main aspects of the crime; Who said what, and where did they say the opposite elsewhere?
Who owns the patents?  Who was at Dearborn?
Who falsified the testing because they knew LYMErix or OspA could never be a vaccine – and caused the exact same disease definition as they one they threw out of the Dearborn case definition?
Who identified all the biomarkers of neurologic disease but who later called us all crazy?
It’s all their own work.  We use their own publications against them.  They can’t then dispute it in a court, or say, “Oh, we got this or that wrong.”
No, they got it ALL wrong after they FIRST had it all

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