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Malaise…Lets discuss this!


“Malaise” is the wrong word!!!!!!!


Don’t Say It!

Just Don’t Say It!

If you say it, you are agreeing with the CDC, NIH, Ed Shorter, and Straus and Fukuda!

New Blog will be coming soon!

The Other Side Of The Stretcher


Lets discuss this!

I will point out again like I have before, remember, im coming from an RN point of view for the benefit of the patients because I was an active RN until I was no longer able to work because of M.E.

I actually couldn’t respond from a patient point of view because I would lose focus on the subject because I would end up sounding more like an angry patient than a nurse who is very very disappointed because of the lack of the standard of patient care in regards to this illness.

Do you know what “Malaise” is?

Before I get into detail about what “Malaise” is, I just want to point out a few things.

I just recently did another post related to “Malaise”, It probably sounded… very…severely opinionated because of what I named the post.

The post could’ve sounded like a controversy…

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The Fukuda Defintion, Negligence, & Webster’s Dictionary

The Other Side Of The Stretcher

The Fukuda Definition, Negligence, & Webster’s Dictionary

Friends in the world of M.E. and other friends,
Have you ever really analyzed the 1994 Fukuda Definition for CFS?
This is a very interesting analysis!

If you analyze the 1994 Fukuda Definition for CFS, its actually a negligent document.  You can actually prove that its a negligent using a Webster’s dictionary, you don’t even need a medical textbook.

When I finish explaining this, you will agree and say “I never thought of that.”

Back in 1994 when I first received a copy of the Fukuda Definition for CFS, I looked it over, saw I had most of the symptoms, thought ok, and then I put it away in my file with all of the rest of the information I was gathering at the time about the illness.

I didn’t really pay attention to the details of all of the illness symptoms because not everyone has…

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Everything You Need to Know about Lyme Disease

imageOspA on a spirochete, injected by tick, and OspA in LYMErix, injected by syringe, BOTH caused neuro-Lyme, which is post-sepsis syndrome. So they changed the case definition to exclude the neuro cases and get the “vaccine” approved. LYMErix is long gone, but ticks are still maiming people with OspA, and the victims cannot get diagnosed because of the fake testing. End of story.

Research was falsified. Research was done in Europe to avoid automatic publication in the U.S. They lied in published journal articles. They fraudulently changed the case definition. CDC officers stood to profit from the vaccines and a monopoly on tick-borne-disease test kits. They knowingly gave a toxic “vaccine” to thousands of trial participants and sold it to unsuspecting consumers. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.



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Standing Up to Coyne and Against Unfair Treatment of ME Advocates

Thoughts About M.E.

By Edward Burmeister

I am taking the liberty of posting this entry on Jeannette’s blog.

Many of you know that I seldom become involved in ME advocacy. My wife, Jeannette, is typically capable of holding her own. She has been, health permitting, a relentless advocate for ME for several years and has been effective in holding government agencies and officials accountable when their actions or inaction have damaged the ME patient community, and in particular when they have not lived up to their legal responsibilities. It is true that she has strong opinions on how to conduct effective advocacy and states her position assertively, but I can assure you that she makes it a priority to focus on the issues and to stay away from personal ad hominem attacks on other individuals advocating for ME. On the rare occasion when she has made a mistake, she was quick to apologize…

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ILADS, Cut the Shit

My case is just like everyone else’s. I went 14 years undiagnosed. I had a terrible “flu,” extraordinarily high temperature, a sore in my nether region, a sick dog, and a tick on my bed. Yet, it was 1995, and I lived in a large city, so two and two did NOT equal four. They equaled, “you’re batshit, depressed, out of shape, might have this new thing called fibromyalgia, and oh, by the way–don’t even think about getting pregnant, because your CMV titers are really high.”

What the hell???

That was a year after the Dearborn standard was adopted by Allen Steere, and everyone went along with him for whatever reason–some hitching a ride on the LYMErix money train, others too neutered to object, and still others just not smart enough to know any better.

Now, knowing what I know, all my symptoms make perfect sense. They are textbook, actually…

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Has the “Coyne of the Realm” been devalued?

Thoughts About M.E.

A recent addition to the ME advocacy community, Dr. James Coyne, has been celebrated as a savior of ME patients almost immediately since he joined the conversation just a few months ago by attacking the PACE trial. He has been a very welcome ally. So, it was rather bizarre when Coyne gave the ME community an aggressive ultimatum yesterday, in an apparent attempt to silence patients whom he disagrees with. In this particular case, it was my opinion regarding Walitt’s appointment as lead clinical investigator for the NIH study he took exception with. According to the ultimatum, patients can either “do something about [me]” or he “is out of here.” He posted the following about a tweet of mine addressed to NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins in two Facebook groups, “Invest in ME” and “The ME Alliance:”

He then proceeded to call me a “sick crazy lawyer,” tell another patient to “fuck off,” label…

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Save Your Lymie Soul

Version 2My kid had this 24-hour-ish puke bug, and I kept anticipating that it would end sooner than it did. So, between cycles of holding back hair, wiping face, and washing out the puke pot, I thought I might be able to get this post written. Nope.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t get it done, because I wanted it to be a timely dedication to a young Lymie who tragically lost her life early yesterday morning. After some reflection, I realized how selfish I was being. My daughter may be temporarily barfing up a storm, but I still have a daughter.

We have an obligation to both the living and the dead Lyme victims to expose the Lyme Crime for what it is.

If you want the senseless Lyme disease deaths to stop, you have to stop supporting ILADS now. RIGHT NOW. Do not offer prayers and condolences to the family…

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