Save Your Lymie Soul

Version 2My kid had this 24-hour-ish puke bug, and I kept anticipating that it would end sooner than it did. So, between cycles of holding back hair, wiping face, and washing out the puke pot, I thought I might be able to get this post written. Nope.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t get it done, because I wanted it to be a timely dedication to a young Lymie who tragically lost her life early yesterday morning. After some reflection, I realized how selfish I was being. My daughter may be temporarily barfing up a storm, but I still have a daughter.

We have an obligation to both the living and the dead Lyme victims to expose the Lyme Crime for what it is.

If you want the senseless Lyme disease deaths to stop, you have to stop supporting ILADS now. RIGHT NOW. Do not offer prayers and condolences to the family…

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