ILADS, Cut the Shit

My case is just like everyone else’s. I went 14 years undiagnosed. I had a terrible “flu,” extraordinarily high temperature, a sore in my nether region, a sick dog, and a tick on my bed. Yet, it was 1995, and I lived in a large city, so two and two did NOT equal four. They equaled, “you’re batshit, depressed, out of shape, might have this new thing called fibromyalgia, and oh, by the way–don’t even think about getting pregnant, because your CMV titers are really high.”

What the hell???

That was a year after the Dearborn standard was adopted by Allen Steere, and everyone went along with him for whatever reason–some hitching a ride on the LYMErix money train, others too neutered to object, and still others just not smart enough to know any better.

Now, knowing what I know, all my symptoms make perfect sense. They are textbook, actually…

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