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Victorian Lady

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Hello M.E friends, people, astroturfs,  etc..

Every so often I do a blog post.
I’m not really a writer, the only time I do a blog post is when
I hope to point something out because of my knowledge of
being an active R.N. almost 10 years before I had to stop working
because of M.E 23 years ago!
From what I can see, people think I do not know what i’m talking about!
I did 3 other blogs on this subject and very few people paid attention.  I kept hearing my PEM, my PEM, the doctor doesn’t believe my PEM!

Friends, listen to me, everytime you say “Malaise,” as in “PEM”, you
validate Ed Shorter’s Victorian Woman description of this illness we suffer from.

Everytime you say Malaise”, as in “PEM”, you validate the Late Steve Straus NIH idiopathic fatigue illness!

Do you suffer from the Ed Shorter version or do you suffer from M.E?

What does the name Ed Shorter mean to you?

Do you suffer from the Steve Straus NIH idiopathic fatigue illness or do you suffer from M.E.?

What does the name Steve Straus mean to you?

Are you an  M.E. patient or are you a fool? 

Because that’s what CDC and NIH have made all of the M.E. patients look like!

See what I mean!!!

Am I making sense!

If you suffer from the Ed Shorter version then keep on saying my “PEM” is acting up!  

If you suffer from the Steve Straus idiopathic fatigue illness then keep on saying my “PEM” is acting up!

If you suffer from M.E. then by all means, do not use the word “Malaise” because
the symptom you suffer from, the crash, relapse of symptoms, exacerbation of
symptoms. muscular and neurological fatigabiity as noted in Ramsay’s Definition of M.E is not “Malaise”.

The word “Malaise” insults you as an M.E patient.
The word “Malaise” invalidates you as an M.E patient.

The word “Malaise” quite frankly makes you look like a fool compliments of the NIH and the CDC!

The word “Malaise” is not the symptom you suffer from!

I don’t have to prove this, any medical dictionary will tell you what the
word “Malaise” means and it has nothing to do with M.E.

What does the word malaise mean?


 (mă-lāz′, -lĕz′)


Now, is that your symptom you suffer after activity or exertion?

I didn’t think so!

I have written 3 blogs about the word “Malaise” starting in 2014, and very few people paid attention because they think Anne was “just a nurse” and “doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about.”

I have seen medical forums and blogs where medical people are laughing at
us (or I should say “Fibromyalgia” patients, they refer to us as “Fibromyalgia” patients and not M.E. patients because they are not taught M.E. in the medical schools  here in the United States) because of that word “Malaise”. 

Its terrible!

 I have even seen a new term going around the M.E. community on the social media called “Super Malaise” that probably came from an astroturf forum.

My friends, there is no such thing, word, or medical terminology as “Super Malaise” so don’t say that one either!

Quite frankly, when I hear that word “Malaise”, I get agita!

Agita is an Italian slang word for upset stomach;


My friends, if you want to get it right, the whole thing has to be right including
the name of the key symptom of the illness you suffer if you have M.E.!

Not the Ed Shorter Version
Not the late Steve Straus NIH version,

But A. Melvin Ramsay version!

I have a feeling I have wasted my time again and most will say,
Anne was just a nurse and doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about.

My friends, one day, if we see the end of this nightmare, and actually have a
correct illness criteria with a correct name, using correct medical terminology,
and treatment to make us functional to where we could actually work…..
if we are actually alive to see this….
you may just thank me and say
Anne, you were right, the whole package needs to be correct!

So until then, don’t say it. 






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