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Farewell Dr. DeLuca…

Three years ago this March of 2018 was my last appointment with my long time doctor, Dr. Joseph DeLuca. I had a feeling it was coming because he was almost 81, but when he said it, it hit me very hard especially when I found out the reason why….

It was fall of 1996 when I first met Dr. DeLuca during my first appointment. I then continued to see Dr. DeLuca every 3 months for 22 years…..

Dr. DeLuca was the doctor in the Central Florida area who patient had sough care for diseases such as M.E,. Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, Chronic pain, and any chronic illness doctors did not want to treat.

Dr. DeLuca was my wonderful doctor for 22 years. Dr DeLuca was probably the most compassionate doctor that I had ever met. Dr DeLuca worked with you like a team, he was also an “outside of the box” thinker as well as very honest. So honest that he even said “You know Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a sham, don’t you?”

The previous year, Dr. DeLuca had said that the lease for his office would be up June of 2018, I had a feeling he was going to say he was going to retire, I had that feeling for a couple of years. During this last appointment I had asked him if he found a new office or if he was going to retire. Dr. DeLuca said that he was going to have to retire and that his secretary Jodi would have a letter at the desk explaining why.

Dr. Deluca had to retire, not because he was going to be 81, is because he was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer the end of 2016, he went through 8 months of chemotherapy which did not work Dr DeLuca then had surgery to remove his bladder which was done at the Moffit Cancer center in Tampa during a 6 hour operation. Dr Deluca’s doctors want him to spend the time in the months following the surgery convalescing.

I am going to miss Dr. Deluca, he was like family, I cried as I was leaving his office

Dr. Deluca planned to spend his time writing childrens books under the pen name “Dr Joe”. Dr. DeLuca’s first book that came out soon after is called “It’s Fun To Be Kind”.

The good news is that Dr. DeLuca recovered from the cancer!

God bless Dr. Deluca!! ❤

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