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Hello and Welcome!

I am a nurse turned patient of probably one the most controversial diagnosis on the planet, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, better known by the “misnomer,” Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I have had the opportunity to see life from “The Other Side Of The Stretcher” as a patient with chronic illness for over 20 years.

Medicine has changed. I have become quite the critic because I know how patients should be treated and I also know what some,
well actually many of the medical practitioners are not doing…

I also like to talk about life experiences as well as also being a conversationalist. I have many stories to converse about 🙂

****Warning to the “Grammar Police*****

*This Blog May Be Hazardous To Your Health*

I make typos!

Oh my, do you need a chair to sit down!

My grammar is lousy!

Are you going to faint?  Someone hurry, get a chair for this person.

I make spelling errors to0, when I see them, I correct them!

Our friend here doens’t look good,   hurry-up and check  their pulse we may need to start CPR!

If you are suffering any of the symptoms above


If this is bothering you already,

You feel your blood pressure rising,

Your breaking out in hives,

Your sweating,

Your just made your chair break,

You feel like you want to throw your laptop against the wall,


Do you feel like your whole world is going to end right now?!?!?

 etc.. etc.. etc.. etc..
Its a symptom of my illness!


It cant be helped!!!!  Unless you want to be my volunteer editor 🙂

There are many other blogs you can read!
I will not be insulted, I assure you 🙂


Don’t say a word if your not ready
to get an answer back!


I grew up with people you probably only heard about in the news!

Otherwise enjoy 🙂

Remember, this is not a place to get a diagnosis or medical advice as I am not a Medical Doctor or provider.
You must go to your doctor to get that.


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  • PKKuhl

    Hello again Anne You never told me you had a Blog ….and thst you’re hilarious m.e. must bring it out in people cuz James (batteredoldbook) cracks me up frequently By the way my Alternate personality is The GRAMMAR POLICE I NEVER MISSPELL words but my not so smart smart phone does and doesn’t let me correct so I leave them I’m too poor to buy a desktop or a better phoneHard to correct on a blog or twitter even my grammar stinks

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