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Hearsay Medicine


What is “Hearsay Medicine”?


“Hearsay Medicine” is a Copyright of “The Side of The Stretcher,” aka Me :).  I figure I should do that because blogging isn’t like it was 10 years ago.  I notice the practice of “plagiarism” is not just common, it is rampant!  You must copyright every one your ideas!

If you are familiar with the term “Hearsay” which someone with a legal background would be familiar with, then you may have an idea what “Hearsay Medicine” could be.  If you don’t, read on and find out, because there are doctors who practice “Hearsay” medicine and one day you may be in a situation where you may just need to know this if you have a “politically incorrect” illness.

From the Nurse Point Of View!

As I have said in my previous blog posts, my blog posts are written  from an RN point of view for the benefit of the patients because I was an active RN until I was no longer able to work because of M.E.

I also could not respond from a patient point of view because I would lose focus on the subject and I would end up sounding more like an angry patient than a nurse who is very very disappointed because of the lack of the standard of patient care in regards to this illness.

I decided to do this when I finally saw something where I thought, ok, enough is enough, the medical people with this illness must speak up because this is absolutely ridiculous, this is negligent, not to mention harmful to the patients as has been unbelievably and ridiculously harmful as well as many other things through the years, that if we don’t speak up, this situation will go on another 20-30 years.

Because of the “controversial and political” situation that our illness is in. and what I and most of us have observed and had to go through the last 20-30 years, its time to make things right or at least get us moving in the right direction.

I cant say I never saw a “political” affected illness because HIV/AIDS was in that same situation in the beginning, but their situation didn’t drag on for 30 year as this situation.  I didn’t think I would see it again after how bad that epidemic actually was.


I too have encountered a “Hearsay Medicine” practitioner 9 years ago, who was very rude, who decided they were going to be rude when they saw the diagnosis that was written on my chart.  When that happened, I was shocked, I was stunned, I could not believe a doctor actually would do that and I really started to wonder if other doctors were doing this.  Thus, this post, “Hearsay Medicine” because I do not want to see other patients fall prey to this treatment which can be equated to nothing other than a classic case of bullying or abuse from an uninformed or uneducated medical practitioner who should know better.

Hearsay Medicine!

The term “Hearsay Medicine” was something that I thought of one day when I was thinking about when patients with M.E. or one of the other “controversial illnesses” go to the doctor for the first time to find out what is wrong, and they will hear  one of a number of different classic statements that “Hearsay Medicine” practitioners make today.

“Hearsay Medicine” practitioners usually make those statements because they either choose to not listen to the patients,  or they did not take the time to research the illness to find out what the illness really is and they believe many of the unreliable sources out there today and repeat what those unreliable sources say because they think those unreliable sources are correct.

Classic Statements 

Those of us with M.E. or who were giving the diagnosis of “CFS” and those other “politically incorrect” illnesses already know what those statements are, but for the other people reading that don’t know, we will educate you to what is going on regarding “Hearsay Medicine” if you or your family member become a victim to one of these “Hearsay Medicine” practitioners.

If its a doctor reading this, even better because there are doctors who need to be educated if they may have made one or more of these statements. As a matter of fact, this blog is addressing those health practitioners, so read on and see why they need to be educated and why this may be important for you to know!

1. “Its all in your head honey”

2. “You are suffering from depression?”

3. “You just need to get some exercise.”

4. “Did you try sitting outside?”

5. “Maybe you need a new hair color.”

6. “No, I don’t need to read that piece of paper, I know what your problem is.”

7.  “There is no such thing as that illness, that illness IS DEPRESSION.”

My Personal Encounter With A “Hearsay Medicine” Practitioner

This is a what a doctor actually said to me 9 years ago when I went to a local doctor because I was sick with bronchitis and I could not drive the one hour and 15 minutes to my doctor who usually treats me. When this person saw “ME/CFS” written on the chart, this person ignored the reason why I was there and decided to say these things instead.

“There is no such thing as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is depression.”

“Who is your doctor?”

“Is your doctor an internist?”

“If your doctor is an internist, medicare is not going to pay me.”

“You should’ve went to my friend Dr. B. down the road at the urgent care center.”

“Who filled out your disability papers, how interesting that someone filled out disability papers.”

“You have fibromyalgia too?, I make my fibromyalgia patients exercise.”

Direct Questioning

The question I have for the doctor or anyone else that thinks that this is “all in the patients head” is, where did you learn that?

Who taught you that?

Did your medical school teach you that?

Where did you hear that information?

Are you referring to places such as the CDC toolkit, Wikipedia and other websites?

Do you say that because the group practice that employs you tells you to say that?

Are you afraid that your colleagues will harass you if investigate further?

Quite franky, what makes YOU think it is all in their head when it could just be all in YOUR head?

Possible Answers

-I went to Harvard Medical School.

 -Yes, my employer tells me to say that otherwise they will fire me

-My favorite professor in medical school said that and he co-authored a number of textbooks.

-I read it on that site called Kevin MD

-I referred to the CDC toolkit for the information.

-I didn’t think to look anywhere else because the CDC is usually the place I look because the CDC is always where I look.

-I  looked on Wikipedia

-My best friend I went to medical school with who is a psychiatrist told me.

-I looked at The Mayo Clinic website

-I took a CE (continuing education) course and that’s what the CE course  taught.

-I read it in the newspaper.

-I heard it on TV.


As the lawyer may say in the courtroom if you actually gave that type of answer!

Why “Objection Hearsay?”


If YOU were in the courtroom “Hearsay evidence” is normally excluded from a trial because it is deemed UNTRUSTWORTHY.


YOU listen to whatever someone tells YOU.


YOU believe everything you read without double checking or investigating further,


YOU start preaching the same thing!


YOU are practicing “Hearsay Medicine” which is a dangerous practice my friend!


YOU practice the DANGEROUS practice called “Hearsay Medicine” and YOU need to be CORRECTED and CURED from YOUR maladaptive illness thoughts!

Be thankful its just “Hearsay Medicine” that YOU need to be CURED from because tomorrow YOU can wake up and YOU can be that patient.

No one is immune, I can guarantee YOU that, not even YOU!

Why do you say that I am guilty???

-Because you said someone else said the answer.

-Because YOU “assume” your friend the psychiatrist knows what they are talking about and YOU didn’t double check for “CYA” purposes and to see if what YOU heard is actually true!

-Because YOU “assume” sites like Kevin MD are always correct.  How do YOU know that sites like that are always correct?  Did you double check?

-Because you listen to your employer and don’t double check for “CYA” purposes.  Just because your employer says it, it doesn’t mean its correct and it doesn’t mean YOU will not get sued!

-Because YOU also “assume” the CDC toolkit is correct.  How do YOU know the CDC toolkit is correct if you didn’t research the illness?  What makes YOU think the CDC toolkit is actually correct when their scientists cant even follow proper lab protocol and they expose everyone in their lab to things like Anthrax?

Be glad I am telling YOU this instead of the malpractice lawyer or the State Board!

One must never “assume” when it comes to a patient. One must always double check so one doesn’t actually harm or kill the patient.

Do YOU think just because YOU went to a medical school with an overpriced name  that charges an overpriced tuition makes YOU better than someone who goes to any of the other medical schools?

If your employer dictates what to say to the patients, maybe its time to find another job because obviously they do not care about the patients.

It YOU didn’t know this, it doesn’t matter what your employer says, YOU can still get sued!

CDC Toolkit, Kevin MD,  Mayo Clinic and many other “supposed” sources of information about this illness and other illnesses such as Lyme, Gulf War Illness and other “politically incorrect illnesses” are not correct. Surprise Surprise!’

They don’t even have the right name for the illness on their websites! What makes YOU think their information will be any better?!?!?!?!

Im sorry I have to tell YOU this, but your psychiatrist friend is not correct either.  Im not sorry I have to tell you that your friend is not correct because this illness  is not a psychiatric illness. It looks like your friend is suffering from “Hearsay Medicine” like YOU are.

There also happens to be an epidemic called “psychobabble ” that many health practitioners  actually believe.

If YOU Get Sued for Malpractice ?

Harvard  Medical school will not get YOU off the hook?

Your employer will not get YOU off the hook!

CDC will not get YOU off the hook!

Kevin MD will not get YOU off the hook!

Mayo Clinic will not get YOU off the hook!

Whoever else YOU referred to will not get YOU off the hook!

Your friend the psychiatrist can not get YOU off the hook!

As a matter of fact, everyone who YOU thought who was “your friend” will not be the friend YOU thought they were!  They all disappear when the medical boards and the malpractice lawyers come-a-calling!


Quite frankly,

Shame on YOU!

How dare YOU treat these patients this way!

YOU forgot to “Do No Harm.”

Who do YOU think you are?

Do YOU think your something special because YOU are Jane or Joe doctor who went to Harvard Medical School which is no better than any of the other medical schools that YOU were penny wise and dollar foolish for paying for an over-priced tuition for paying for an overpriced name?

Did YOU think that YOU did not harm the patient when YOU told them their illness was all in their head or one of those other classic statements?


What gives YOU the right to verbally abuse a patient or look at them like they have 10 heads on their shoulders just because they have one of these illnesses?

When the patient told YOU that they had either M.E. or even Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or the other controversial political illnesses such as Lyme, or Gulf War illness, did YOU put down that stethoscope because YOU decided that YOU didn’t need do a physical exam because YOU thought those patients were a head-case?

The patient employs YOU, do YOU realize that?

YOU get paid because of the patients, whether they pay YOU cash or if their  insurance pays YOU.  Did YOU not realize either?  Or did YOU forget because YOU drive an expensive car now?

Did YOU not learn, if YOU cant identify what is wrong with the patient, that YOU either should say that YOU need to refer to them to someone else, that its out of YOUR area of expertise,


Oh MY, do YOU think YOU could actually do this!

Did YOU not learn its ok to say “I don’t know what YOU have.”

Or are YOU to proud to say that?


Remember, Pride always comes before the fall!

Because YOU WILL FALL if the patient becomes disabled, homebound, bedbound or even dies.

Yes, patients do die from this illness.

Don’t believe everything YOU read in the newspaper or what you hear from someone else and then start preaching it yourself when you don’t even really know if what YOU are saying is correct!

Truth or Consequences

If one wants to be in the people helping profession, then one needs to  OPEN THEIR EYES and see the propaganda!

There is such a thing called TRUTH!

TRUTH will never fail YOU!

When it comes to TRUTH, YOU will always be able to look in the mirror because TRUTH will keep you from abusing sick patient!

TRUTH will even keep YOU from harming or killing patients because YOU referred to the wrong recommendations!

TRUTH will also keep you from getting sued and keep your Medical license!

Its always the TRUTH that YOU know will be the TRUTH that will set YOU free!

Truth Hurts


Just think how those patients HURT when YOU treated them in the disrespectful and abusive way that YOU treated them!

Speaking this TRUTH that HURTS is necessary these days because no doctor or no other health practitioner has no right to treat any patient the way these patients have and are being treated!

If someone doesn’t speak this TRUTH, then the patients will continue to be disrespected, hurt, and abused by “Hearsay Medicine” practitioners.

If YOU are guilty of this,  and what YOU read today  touched you and  made YOU think that YOU just have been rude to patients with the diagnosis or “politically incorrect diagnosis” that I mentioned above and other diagnosis for that matter, then YOU need to go to pull those patients charts and call those patients, and give them the long over-due apology they deserve!

“The Other Side Of The Stretcher” (c) 2015

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