Governments Must Comply To

WHO ICD10 G93.3





Treatment for the neurological diseases listed under WHO ICD10 93.3 have been frozen in time with no advances in government funded research for three decades, because the psychiatric world have highjacked the treatment of the above neurological diseases and enforced psychiatric treatment on neurological sufferers.


Severe ME's photo.


This psychiatric treatment has resulted in creating millions of severely disabled sufferers who suffer from unrelenting chronic pain, hypersensitivity to touch, noise, light and chemicals, muscular paralysis, cognitive disorder and concentration deficiency.




The degree of disability that this disease has been made severe due to the neglect and abuse of the the health services delivering those treatments. Many thousands have died because of this neglect and abuse.


In remembrance of those who have died and others who are hidden from view suffering with sever ME. Severe ME Day Aug 8th. http://www.ncf-net.org/memorial.htm


There 17 million sufferers of these diseases around the world and 25% of them are isolated in darkened soundproof rooms, unable to live any acceptable form of lifestyle including being unable to wash and feed themselves.


Photo: Severe ME :


This is a government scandal based on corruption for financial reasons and innocent and vulnerable people people are suffering and dying all the time because of it.


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