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How To Make Sure An Invisible Disease Stays That Way

Yes, this is actually being done!

“Cooking The Books” and Margaret Williams 2016 Letter Re PACE Trial



“Cooking The Books” and Margaret Williams 9/2016 letter “PROOF POSITIVE ? (REVISITED)” on the PACE Trial


Basically, Margaret Williams points out more details in how the PACE Team “Cooked The Books” and with their own money to boot!!!!


How stupid can one be- they are stupid crooks that’s why!


I noticed, everyone spends years on debating “scientific” data. If everyone would look at how the “books are being cooked”, we would solve these matters sooner!




Stop being “politically correct” and worrying if your insulting some “supposed” “top” guy at a “supposed” research institution.




Here are a few examples in the letter that is in the link below:



“Facts to be considered:


1. Peter White has used his own money, as well charitable money and public money, in order to lobby support for his belief that ME/CFS is a psycho-behavioural disorder that can be overcome through “cognitive restructuring” and graded aerobic exercise


2. he has egregiously used large sums of public money (£250,000) to prevent the disclosure of data that would falsify his belief


3. for nearly 30 years, he has ignored evidence that disproves his belief, including evidence from his own trials


4. he has failed to correct errors of fact after being alerted to them


5. he has consistently failed to disclose significant financial, institutional and ideological conflicts of interest


6. he has been in breach of his NHS contractual obligations in that he has persistently ignored mandatory directives and has wilfully encouraged other clinicians to do the same


7. as a consequence of his actions:


-money which should have been used for biomedical research into the aetiology of ME/CFS has been diverted to fund studies into therapies which were already known to be ineffective and even harmful


– patients have been stigmatised as sociopaths and malingerers who refuse to accept they have a behavioural disorder,

– patients have been denied financial support from private insurers for whom Peter White and his colleagues work,

(for example, he was Chief Medical Officer for the giant re-insurer Swiss Re and was also CMO to Scottish Provident),

-and from the Department for Work and Pensions (where he was lead advisor on “CFS/ME”

-and was a prominent member of the group who re-wrote the chapter on “CFS/ME” in the DWP’s Disability Handbook used by Examining Medical Practitioners,

-by DWP decision-makers and by members of the Appeals Services Tribunals);

-he also works for the US Centres for Disease Control, and for defendants in legal actions (BMC Health Services Research 2003:3:25)

– patients with ME/CFS have been wrongfully sectioned and detained under the Mental Health Act

– clinicians who oppose his views about ME/CFS have been sanctioned by the General Medical Council and prevented from working.”





Unfortunately we have gangsters in our field, and there are more, all you have to do is look around and pay attention!


Crooks, gangsters, medical researchers included, etc.. always leave a paper trail and most of it is online now.



Before you donate your money to research, do your own research to see where the money is going!



Hopefully more people start paying attention to these details!




Thankyou Margaret Williams for another awesome piece of investigation!…Margaret Williams 2016 Letter



R. (2003). Cook The Books. Retrieved September 22, 2016, from 


“The Other Side Of The Stretcher” (c) 2016

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The #CoyneEffect: Is the ME Community Stepping Up or Backing Down?

Thankyou Jeannette!!!!

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” – Tim Fields

Thoughts About M.E.

I have received a number of messages from members of the community inquiring about my absence from ME advocacy and about my health. I deeply appreciate the concerns and thoughtfulness. James David Chapman recently tweeted:


I posted a series of tweets in reply to James, which are reproduced below, because the tweets should be read in succession, as each builds on the prior ones. This, obviously, scratches only the surface of the effects on the community of Coyne’s rampage against ME advocates. But I am not well enough to write a blog post fleshing out the topics of my tweets.

I apologize for the incomplete list of those who have been targeted by Coyne, by public or private attacks or threats or by being aggressively blocked on social media. Louise Reed was one of the targets of Coyne’s vicious cyberbullying who is not mentioned below because I didn’t have enough…

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